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Dhanayoga in the 12th House

Combinations of Rajayogas and Dhanayogas occurring in trik houses acquire a new meaning in today’s day and age. If we apply the same principle as written in shastras we can go wrong. Therefore, as said by Sh. K.N Rao apply principles from classics liberally and not literally.

Lets us understand this with an example:

Chart of a businessman born in 1964

Notice the following yogas:

Sasha Yoga: Saturn in own house(mooltrikona) in 10th

Malavya Yoga: Venus in own house in lagna as lagna lord. Notice the degrees of Venus and ascendant

He has concentration of planets in the 12th House: Mer(R), Jupiter and exalted Sun

This concentration of planets in the 12th house forms rajayoga and multiple dhanayogas aspected by a yogakaraka Saturn which is in turn in its mooltrikona sign. Also, notice the exchange of 11th and 12th lords. This makes the 12th house very powerful.

Let us look at the dasha pattern along with navamsa:

Career: Second half of Dasha of Rahu was uneventful for him as he did a lot of hardwork but had very little to show for it. He was doing a business related to educational materials.

Jupiter Mahadasha: Post 2000 as he was in the beginning of the dasha of Jupiter he started to get contracts for exports. Notice this Jupiter participating in all the dhanayogas and rajayogas and in the 12th house of exports.

For Taurus lagna, Jupiter is a malefic as it owns the eighth and the eleventh houses and placed in the twelfth. Throughout the Jupiter dasha he got one contract after another and built a high sustaining business around it and has earned in millions.

The blemish of Jupiter came to him as a health issue in Jupiter Venus period which was very serious for a couple of years, but he overcame that and now is in good health. Therefore, Jupiter did give its effects as the eighth lord and Venus AD is the sixth lord as well.

He continues to do better in his Saturn Mahadasha which is also the yogakaraka.

This is an example of Dhanayogas and Rajayogas in the 12th house giving extremely positive results for the native.

Dashamsha confirms the rise as all the planets involved are strong and participate in multiple Rajayogas.

Dhanyoga: MoneyMaking periods in Astrology

Dhanyoga: The combination for Wealth.

How to see which periods are useful to make money in astrology-

The chart made at the time of birth shows us our static promises but the combinations in this chart only work with the dasha system which is the dynamic promise of a horoscope. Transit delivers us the result.

Close analysis of all above parameter helps us delineate any event.

Second House: This house signifies accumulated wealth in a horoscope, the food we eat, speech, the family we are born in and also death.

Eleventh House: It is the house of gains, profit, friends, honours.¬†Any planet connected with this house/lord, it’s significations multiplies, therefore the second lord and eleventh lord combination results in high amount of wealth and if connected to a trikona lord then the gain is way better.

First, Fifth and Ninth House: Trikonas/Trines are known as laxmi sthanas in astrology, first house acts as both kendra and trikona, 9th being the strongest trikona.

When any of the above lords/houses combine with each other in the horoscope it leads to a dhanyoga and when the dasha related to these planets comes the person tends to earn a lot of money during this period.

The amount of money depends on the influences, dignity and strength of planets forming the yoga and the house in which it is formed shows you the type or means of making money.

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