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Exalted and a Vargottama Jupiter

Mar 30, 2023

I am writing this article when 5 plantes align in the sky and are visible from earth, including Jupiter.

Vargottama planet is in the same house in the rasi chart and navamsa. This gives the planet strength.

Exaltation: Exaltation is the best thing that can happen to a planet in terms of strength.

As per Sh. K.N Rao:

A planet will give strong and beneficial results in its dasha and antardasha in majority of cases if:

It is Lagna Lord

It is the 10th Lord/ Lord of House of Karmas and Profession

It is Exalted

Let us see this with an example of a native who ran the dasha of an exalted and vargottama Jupiter, the guru.

A male born in 1990 in Delhi, India

Jupiter is at deepest exaltation at 5 degrees in Cancer.

This Jupiter is at 2 degrees and 7 minutes, very close and heading to deepest exaltation.

This Jupiter is in strongest kendra, i.e. the 10th House also forming a beautiful Hamsa Yoga.

This Jupiter repeats its position in the 10th from Moon, again in 10th.

It is exalted in Navamsa, making it vargottama.

This Jupiter is powerful to do good and bestow the native its significations of the houses it owns. However, this Jupiter is a malefic for Libra lagna as it owns 3rd and the 6th houses.

Career Analysis:

The native enjoys a good 10th house and 10th lord in lagna is involved in Rajayoga by placement in 1st house and aspect by 7th lord in its mooltrikona. He has a good promise of career in his chart. Now comes the dynamic analysis- Dasha, i.e. When?

In the year 2020, in the Saturn Rahu dasha this native asked me how his career will be as he was not happy with the salary and his growth in his career. He is an HR in Canada. I told him you will grow in your career and earn a six figure salary in the coming three years and buy a house.

He laughed it off, he was only earning half of what I had predicted at the time and a six figure salary was a distant dream.

Now, Let’s analyse the Saturn Jupiter Dasha for him:

This horoscope has strong kendras as many planets occupy it.

Saturn: Yogakaraka for Libra lagna in the third house of self efforts aspected by Venus, forming a strong Rajayoga. This Saturn is vargottama too and Venus is exalted in Navamsha.


It is exalted and vargottama. Moreover, it is own house in Dashamsha connected to the 10th house of D10. Remember, it is in the 10th house in D-1/ rasi chart.

Being in 6/8 axis with the Mahadasha Lord Saturn and a malefic lord for Libra were my concerns.

6th House in modern age is the house of service and being a Upachaya house lord the native will get results only after a lot of hard work.

This Jupiter is sitting with the eleventh lord, Sun and being aspected by seventh and second lord Mars, activating Dhanayoga.

By the time of writing this article in March 2023, he has only finished half of his Jupiter Antardasha and is now earning way more than a six figure salary. He has to work more than 10 hours on weekdays as he now is a Manager, HR.

This Jupiter is also aspecting the second house .

Do you think he can buy a house?

The answer is in the rasi chart itself, and the D4 chart or chaturthamsa confirms it.

Jupiter aspects the 4th House in both cases.

This is the power of an exalted and a vargottama Jupiter.

How was this conceived by the rishis thousands of years ago?

Dhanayoga in the 12th House

Combinations of Rajayogas and Dhanayogas occurring in trik houses acquire a new meaning in today’s day and age. If we apply the same principle as written in shastras we can go wrong. Therefore, as said by Sh. K.N Rao apply principles from classics liberally and not literally.

Lets us understand this with an example:

Chart of a businessman born in 1964

Notice the following yogas:

Sasha Yoga: Saturn in own house(mooltrikona) in 10th

Malavya Yoga: Venus in own house in lagna as lagna lord. Notice the degrees of Venus and ascendant

He has concentration of planets in the 12th House: Mer(R), Jupiter and exalted Sun

This concentration of planets in the 12th house forms rajayoga and multiple dhanayogas aspected by a yogakaraka Saturn which is in turn in its mooltrikona sign. Also, notice the exchange of 11th and 12th lords. This makes the 12th house very powerful.

Let us look at the dasha pattern along with navamsa:

Career: Second half of Dasha of Rahu was uneventful for him as he did a lot of hardwork but had very little to show for it. He was doing a business related to educational materials.

Jupiter Mahadasha: Post 2000 as he was in the beginning of the dasha of Jupiter he started to get contracts for exports. Notice this Jupiter participating in all the dhanayogas and rajayogas and in the 12th house of exports.

For Taurus lagna, Jupiter is a malefic as it owns the eighth and the eleventh houses and placed in the twelfth. Throughout the Jupiter dasha he got one contract after another and built a high sustaining business around it and has earned in millions.

The blemish of Jupiter came to him as a health issue in Jupiter Venus period which was very serious for a couple of years, but he overcame that and now is in good health. Therefore, Jupiter did give its effects as the eighth lord and Venus AD is the sixth lord as well.

He continues to do better in his Saturn Mahadasha which is also the yogakaraka.

This is an example of Dhanayogas and Rajayogas in the 12th house giving extremely positive results for the native.

Dashamsha confirms the rise as all the planets involved are strong and participate in multiple Rajayogas.

Foreign Travels- Example Charts

Discussion on charts that settled away from the country of birth.

Parameters: The parameters have been explained in detail in my article- Foreign Settlement, link below in case you need to go through it.

Chart 1

This horoscope is of a male from New Delhi, India and migrated to Canada in 2015 in the dasha of Saturn Venus.

He has 6 planets in moveable rasis.

Rahu is the 4th house also gives a promise of leaving home and settling away.

Venus the antardasha lord is in the 9th house of long journeys.

Saturn Venus in the 3-9 axis gave the result in its dasha.

Let us check the chaturthamsa or D4

In chaturthamsa, his 4th lord Saturn is in the 12 house and it is the Mahadasha lord.

Venus the Antardasha lord is in the 3rd house of change/resettlement.

He went on the basis of education, can you justify from his main chart the connection of his education and foreign countries.

12th Lord Mercury aspect on the 5th house is the static promise in the rasi chart. It repeats from Moon as Moon is in the lagna.

Chart 2

This male student went to a foreign country for studying Bio Technology.

Venus in the 5th house as 5th lord is also the 12th lord.

Dasha of travel- Rahu Moon

Rahu is the significator of everything foreign and Moon is in Rahu Ketu axis. Moon is also in the eighth house.

He will follow this dasha with the dasha of Jupiter, Jupiter as 10th lord in 11th is connected to 12th lord Venus signifying career in a foreign country.

Chaturthamsa Analysis: Rahu Moon again conjunct in itself is enough, they are also aspected by 9th Lord Venus.

Chart 3

4th lord and House afflicted. Left home country in the dasha of Mercury Rahu.

Mercury with 12 lord in Rahu Ketu Axis and Rahu is the significator.

D4/Chaturthamsa Analysis:

Dasha of Mercury Rahu in D4 is connected with D4’s 12th lord as well.

Chart 4

Female went abroad to study, now has a property and settled there.

4th Lord aspected by 12th Lord.

She went in the dasha of Saturn Ketu, can it get an easier than this. Saturn in the 12th and Ketu aspected by 12th lord and itself in the 9th house.

Let us check her D4

4th Lord Moon aspected by 12th lord Jupiter and dasha of Saturn Ketu gave the result.

Chart 5

Born in India and now a Canadian Citizen.

10th-12th Lords exchange depicting career in a foreign country.

12th lord aspect on the 4th house is the static promise as well.

He has excelled in his career(exalted 10th lord) and has bought a house in a foreign country too.

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