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January 2017

Predicting Marriages in Astrology

It is one of the most common questions asked to an astrologer: ‘When will I get married?’

If it is an Indian asking the question it is followed up by ‘Will it be Love or Arranged?’

Then they ask ‘How will it be?’. Well, you don’t need an astrologer to answer that one!

Let us try to understand the astrology behind it:

Seventh House is the house of spouse/marriage.

Venus is the karaka for the Seventh House.

In Rasi Chart,

  • First Check the promise of marriage.
  • See the Desh, Kaal, Patra.

Desh: Institution for marriages is different in different countries.

Kaal: The Times we live in average age of Boy/Girl for normal marriage in India is 26/24.

  • Check the time of Marriage- If it is early marriage, normal marriage, delayed marriage or no marriage.
  • Then Time the Marriage from the Dashas Running.
  • Shorten the time period to 6 months from Jaimini Principle.
  • Confirm all above parameters in the D9 i.e. Navamsa Chart.
  • Check Transit and Time the Marriage.

How to check above factors?

  1. PROMISE: The influence of Benefics, 11th Lord, Lagna Lord, 7th Lord, Venus on Seventh House will ensure Marriage.
  2. Approximate Time of Marriage: After checking Seventh House, Check 1-7,2-8 axis. If more Benefics are involved then it will be early marriage (21-25), if slightly afflicted- then normal (25-28), if majorly afflicted then delayed (after 30).
  3. Dasha: See these five factors always-
    1. Seventh House
    2. Seventh Lord
    3. Venus
    4. Seventh from Venus
    5. Rahu/Ketu

Dasha of planets connected to above factors running during the time of marriage (checked from point 2) will show marriage.

Let us understand it with an example:s

Seventh House has two benefics. Seventh Lord in neutral sign in fourth house. Seventh from Venus is unafflicted.

2-8 axis is afflicted. The time of marriage can be normal, since this is a male chart 24-28 years. He began Saturn dasha in 26th year and got married. Dasha SatSat. Saturn is the seventh lord.

Lets take another example:


Year of Birth 1960.

Seventh House is afflicted. Seventh Lord in 3rd with Venus and Sun(3,6,8 Lords).

2-8 axis: unafflicted.

The marriagable age should be beyond 26 but still this person got married at the age of 26 because of strong dasha running and supportive navamansha chart. Dasha: JupVen.


Venus the antardasha lord is with 7th Lord in D1(it is also karaka). It is in 7th house of D9.

This is why D9 is important.


Jaimini Astrology

Darakaraka(DK) is the charakaraka responsible for marriage in Jaimini Astrology. It is the planet with lowest degrees.

See the connection of DK with the Chara Dasha(K.N.Rao) running and time the marriage.

The overlapping of Dasha from Vimshottari and Jaimini is the time period of marriage.

Use Double Transit of Saturn Jupiter to confirm.

RAHU is independently capable of giving marriage.


Check this dasha period in D9 as well, if it is repeating then it is a certainty that this period will show marriage.


How to read a Vedic Horoscope? Part 1 First House


In this article I am going to discuss from where to start a horoscope and how to read it and eventually predict.

Whenever you see a Horoscope always follow these steps instead of seeing all things at once and getting confused.

Remember the Desh, Kala, Patra before beginning.

Keep the following parameters in mind before judging any house:

  • House/Planets placed in the House.
  • Planets aspecting the house.
  • Lord of the House.
  • Planets Conjunct/aspecting the House Lord.
  • Significator/Karaka of the house.





Always see the sign rising in lagna first. The personality, physique, nature of a person will resemble that sign.

It is also the First House: First House represents Self, physical body, health, longevity, head, hair, brain.


For e.g. If Taurus is rising in lagna then immediately think of qualities of a Taurus and those characteristics will be present in the person.

For learning the characteristics of any sign remember its image. Like Taurus is a Bull.


The person will be strongly built, will be full of energy, they are patient and steady, bulls are difficult to control once you provoke them but are mostly peaceful.

It is ruled by Venus so they love beauty, luxury and have refined taste.

Taurus is second sign of natural zodiac therefore they are materialistic and like to accumulate.

It is an earthy sign therefore making them practical.

It is a fixed sign making them rigid, and stubborn like a bull. They dislike change.

Like this you combine Sign and House characteristics for each house.

  1. Planet placed in the First House


After studying the sign check the planets placed in the lagna/first house. The person will majorly take on the characteristics of the planet placed.

For e.g. In Taurus lagna, if Moon is placed in the ascendant i.e.  first house. The person will have a cool temperament, will be good looking, will be creative, love music and art.

Combine characteristics of Moon and First House

Now Moon is in its exaltation sign, so all the good characteristics of Moon will be present in full effect.

Moon is the Third Lord for Taurus ascendant so he will be hardworking, will rise by self-efforts, courageous etc.

  1. Now check what planets aspect Lagna/First House

See what planets aspect lagna, are they malefic or benefic and what lordships they have. It will influence the first house of a person to that effect.

  1. Lagna Lord/ First House Lord


Only after checking all above parameters come to lagna lord i.e. Venus in this case.

Check where venus is placed, how is its strength in rasi chart and navamsa chart and concur accordingly. Then check the aspects on Venus and planets conjunct with venus.

For e.g. Venus is in Pisces that is its exaltation sign. Venus will be in 11th house of gains. The person will like to accumulate and will be born in a rich family and will have all the luxuries in life.


  1. Check the above planets strength in Navamsa Chart.
  2. Significactor/Karaka of first house: Sun

Always see the condition/strength of the significator a particular house, in this case SUN to come to a conclusion about health.


 Similarly, check all other houses and have a basic idea in the back of your mind about each house and planet.


Now this was only the Static Promise, for timing and dynamic analysis see the dasha.

See what dasha the person is running and those results will be experienced according to planet’s strength and placement.


Last check the Transit. See which houses the slow moving planets aspect to come to a conclusion.


Let’s see an example to understand this:



This is a female chart. Born in 1966.

Aries rising: Energetic, active, full of energy.

No planet is placed in lagna/ first house.

Saturn aspects lagna: Saturn is a natural malefic and in this case functional malefic as well. Therefore, it afflicts lagna/ first house. The person will have health issues especially in the dasha of Saturn.

Lagna Lord: Mars in twelfth House in a friendly sign but a trik/bad house. Again, indicator of weak health.

Mars is conjunct with Sun and Mer(R).

Sun is the fifth lord. Rajayoga in twelfth House i.e. 5th and Lagna Lord combination. But it is an adverse house.

Mercury is the 3rd and 6th lord (functional malefic) debilited in twelfth house. Now, lagna lord is conjunct with 6th lord again indicating health troubles related to nerves, skin since mercury represents those significations.

Mars is also 8th lord. 6th 8th lords conjunction will give chronic disease.


Now in Navamsha Mars moves to scorpio which is its own sign but eighth house of horoscope showing some long lasting disease to body.

Mercury goes to virgo in navamsha which is its exaltation sign, showing Mercury is strong and has inherent strength of giving diseases.

She is always ill and frequently gets hospitalized. It has been a tendency throughout her life since her lagna lord is in twelfth and conjunct with 6th lord.

Other things to consider:

Budh Aditya Yoga

Gajakesari Yoga

Vipareeta Rajyoga

Amala Yoga

Similarly, check all other houses and see then see the dasha and transit and predict.

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