He has a great insight and knowledge on this subject. I thoroughly respect him for guiding me in right direction on this path of life.

Neha D

Accurate predictions. Scientific approach instead of beliefs and superstitions.

Kanak D

I have always believed in grit and determination but came across a stagnant point in my life. I already knew what was almost right for me but was scared to take the decision as such were the circumstances ( could… Continue Reading →

Rashi J

Sid is amazing astrologer , as such I know him from childhood , got to know his talent in astrology in past years and practically speaking he is amazingly accurate . keep up buddy …. rising star …

Dr Neeraj Wadhwa

Indepth n precise Predictions. most of them played the way he Foretold. i strongly recommend to take advise in cases, where u have to decide on one of the multiple paths avaliable. his advice , which is backed by his… Continue Reading →

Akash Kedia

Well, siddharth is the astrologer I spoke, to check things about in general, like I did try with many other senior astrologers. But after 3-4 months I have found his predicted things most accurately happened, which most other senior so… Continue Reading →

Raj Chaudhary

The predictions made by you for me proved to be absolutely true. Indeed, I would not believe it until those predictions actually happened to me and came true in my life. I personally experienced that your each and every prediction… Continue Reading →

Shankey Choudhary