This is a peculiar case of a death of a child few days after she was born.

We will see the saptamsha chart of the father and this example will show us why it is so important to study the divisional charts.


This is the chart of the father of the child 29Oct1984 7:10 am New Delhi.

5th House: Aquarius

  • No planet placed and no aspect on 5th house.
  • 5th Lord Saturn exalted in lagna with Mercury and debilited Sun. Mercury is the 9th and 12th lord and Sun is the 11th lord. Though 5th lord is sitting in lagna with its enemy and 12th lord it does not justify the death of the child as it is not majorly afflicted.
  • Karaka Jupiter is in the 3rd House(Mooltrikona Sign) with Moon(10th Lord), Mars(2nd and 7th Lords) aspected by Saturn. It is in a good condition.

Birth of daughter: 5 December 2014. She passed 20 days after.

Dasha: Moon/Jupiter

Now, loss of the first child is not justified by first look at the rasi chart.

Look Again,

See the degrees of Saturn, Sun and Mercury.

Saturn is combust and is in a planetary war with Mercury. Saturn gets defeated in the planetary war with Mercury.

This same degree conjunction of 5th and 12th Lords led to the Loss of a child.

12th lord is also 8th from 5th House.

Moreover, Mercury is the 22nd Dreshkana Lord.

 This clearly justifies the loss of First Child. Lets see Divisional Charts for Confirmation.

Lets see the navamsa chart now:


Just see how the 5th lord of D1 is placed in the navamsa chart as we are only looking from the progeny point of view at the moment.

5th Lord of D1 i.e. Saturn moves to Taurus which is the 8th house of D1(not good). It is still conjunct with Mercury.

Lets see Saptamsa chart in detail:


Independent Analysis:

Aquarius rising with 6th Lord Moon in Lagna: Not Good

Lagna is aspected by Venus(4th,9th Lord)

LagnaLord Saturn in Second House with 5th and 8th lord Mercury and 2nd and 11th lord Jupiter.

5th House aspected by 7th lord Sun.

5th lord Mercury is debilted in second house.

Again 5th and 12th Lords are conjunct of D7, confirming the event.(If you look at navamsa 12th lord of navamsa aspects 5th lord).

Dasha: Moon Jupiter. Moonis the 6th lord in lagna ad jupiter is marakesh of child with 5th lord.

Lets superimpose D1 and D7

Aquarius is rising which is the 5th House of D1.

Moon is present in Aquarius. Moon is the 10th lord of D1 and 6th Lord of D7.

Saturn the 5th lord of D1 moves to pisces that is the 6th House of D1 alongwith 6th and 12th lords of D1 Jupiter and Mercury. Clearly showing problems to progeny.

As in earlier Case Studies we saw the lords of D1 in the particular divisional chart give beautiful results. In this case Saptamsha.