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Love Marriage from a Horoscope

Astrology of Love Marriages

While predicting, one should take no questions lightly. Although this question of whether I will marry a person of my choice that is love marriage in India seems futile and not of much importance, it matters and it is the most common question of youngsters these days.

Although it is a simple question, for me it has been very difficult to crack as not much has been written about it in the Shastra.

Now let’s get to it and break it down:


Desh Kala Patra

First and foremost is the desh kala Patra of the querist.

Desh: If he is not an Indian, then it will be a love marriage, as the custom of arranged marriages is prevalent only in India. Therefore, we will discuss about Indian Marriages in this article.

Kala: Kala means the times we are living in. These days’ love marriages in India are on the rise and even conservative families in the urban areas are ok with the idea of love marriage. Therefore, a youngster who is 25 years of marriage in 2017 might have a love marriage with few combinations of love marriage in his horoscope as compared to a 25-year-old in 1980s-1990s.

However, in old times one needed very strong promise and at the same time a very good dasha for love marriage to take place.

Therefore, we are more liberal with the combinations these days and slight combinations can give love marriage as well.

Patra: It means the society you are born in. While the same combinations might work for someone born in an open-minded family/ society/city but those combinations might not work for someone born in a very strict/conservative family/society.

Keeping these things in mind we can move further to the horoscope and check the combinations and match them with the dasha and use jaimini astrology to confirm. However, Parashari astrology and Vimshottari dasha gives good results in most cases.


  1. Lagna Lord in seventh or seventh lord in 1st House

If in a chart lagna lord is in the seventh house or vice versa or exchange of the two or they have a solid connection via aspect or conjunction the native tends to go for a love marriage, and in many cases, someone from the childhood. But you should check other factors as well for this combination to materialize.

  1. 5th House of Emotions and Romance

5th House is the house of emotions therefore it is the house where love affairs begin. The seventh house is the house of marriage/spouse. If there is a combination of the 5th and seventh lords, then the native tends to have a love affair but bear in mind this combination doesn’t work alone as the dasha and the patra of the individual should also give the green signal.

5th and 8th house combinations also give secret love affairs hidden from family and maybe friends in a few cases.

  1. Seventh House

 This is the most important house when looking for marriages be arranged or love, look for the placement of planets in the seventh house or conjunct seventh lord apart from 5th 7thlord combinations.

Saturn: Placement of Saturn in the seventh can give marriage with someone out of the community, with an age gap or an unconventional marriage.

Rahu/Ketu: Rahu Ketu axis in the 1-7 of a horoscope can also give love marriage with someone out of community especially if it repeats in the navamsha chart.

Venus: Placement of Venus in the seventh gives a tendency of making the native more sensuous and having more than one relationships. It makes it more true if this Venus is conjunct Moon.

Presence of benefics in seventh gives infatuations but very rarely leads to love affair/marriage.

All these combinations do not work alone there must be more than one factor working and one should check for repetitions in the D9 chart.

  1. Eighth House: Combination of 5th or 7th lord in the 8th house can lead to a love affair which may be hidden at first but these affairs don’t last long since 8th house is involved.
  1. Dasha: Dasha is the most important factor after seeing the promise in D1 and D9. Check for dasha running after calculating the potential age of marriage and look for periods of 5th house which can give love affair blossoming into a marriage
  1. Venus dasha: Venus dasha running during 20s is a strong combination of marriage of own choice especially these days if other factors support.
  1. Trimsamsa or D30 chart: D30 chart is also to be seen for marriages especially for females but I am still working on it.
  1. Jaimini Astrology: Confirm it with Jaimini by looking at DK Pk Combinations or Dk 5th lord and Pk 7th lord combinations along with chara dasha.

These are most of the parameters which give love marriages only in India.

Predicting Marriages in Astrology

It is one of the most common questions asked to an astrologer: ‘When will I get married?’

If it is an Indian asking the question it is followed up by ‘Will it be Love or Arranged?’

Then they ask ‘How will it be?’. Well, you don’t need an astrologer to answer that one!

Let us try to understand the astrology behind it:

Seventh House is the house of spouse/marriage.

Venus is the karaka for the Seventh House.

In Rasi Chart,

  • First Check the promise of marriage.
  • See the Desh, Kaal, Patra.

Desh: Institution for marriages is different in different countries.

Kaal: The Times we live in average age of Boy/Girl for normal marriage in India is 26/24.

  • Check the time of Marriage- If it is early marriage, normal marriage, delayed marriage or no marriage.
  • Then Time the Marriage from the Dashas Running.
  • Shorten the time period to 6 months from Jaimini Principle.
  • Confirm all above parameters in the D9 i.e. Navamsa Chart.
  • Check Transit and Time the Marriage.

How to check above factors?

  1. PROMISE: The influence of Benefics, 11th Lord, Lagna Lord, 7th Lord, Venus on Seventh House will ensure Marriage.
  2. Approximate Time of Marriage: After checking Seventh House, Check 1-7,2-8 axis. If more Benefics are involved then it will be early marriage (21-25), if slightly afflicted- then normal (25-28), if majorly afflicted then delayed (after 30).
  3. Dasha: See these five factors always-
    1. Seventh House
    2. Seventh Lord
    3. Venus
    4. Seventh from Venus
    5. Rahu/Ketu

Dasha of planets connected to above factors running during the time of marriage (checked from point 2) will show marriage.

Let us understand it with an example:s

Seventh House has two benefics. Seventh Lord in neutral sign in fourth house. Seventh from Venus is unafflicted.

2-8 axis is afflicted. The time of marriage can be normal, since this is a male chart 24-28 years. He began Saturn dasha in 26th year and got married. Dasha SatSat. Saturn is the seventh lord.

Lets take another example:


Year of Birth 1960.

Seventh House is afflicted. Seventh Lord in 3rd with Venus and Sun(3,6,8 Lords).

2-8 axis: unafflicted.

The marriagable age should be beyond 26 but still this person got married at the age of 26 because of strong dasha running and supportive navamansha chart. Dasha: JupVen.


Venus the antardasha lord is with 7th Lord in D1(it is also karaka). It is in 7th house of D9.

This is why D9 is important.


Jaimini Astrology

Darakaraka(DK) is the charakaraka responsible for marriage in Jaimini Astrology. It is the planet with lowest degrees.

See the connection of DK with the Chara Dasha(K.N.Rao) running and time the marriage.

The overlapping of Dasha from Vimshottari and Jaimini is the time period of marriage.

Use Double Transit of Saturn Jupiter to confirm.

RAHU is independently capable of giving marriage.


Check this dasha period in D9 as well, if it is repeating then it is a certainty that this period will show marriage.


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