It is one of the most common questions asked to an astrologer: ‘When will I get married?’

If it is an Indian asking the question it is followed up by ‘Will it be Love or Arranged?’

Then they ask ‘How will it be?’. Well, you don’t need an astrologer to answer that one!

Let us try to understand the astrology behind it:

Seventh House is the house of spouse/marriage.

Venus is the karaka for the Seventh House.

In Rasi Chart,

  • First Check the promise of marriage.
  • See the Desh, Kaal, Patra.

Desh: Institution for marriages is different in different countries.

Kaal: The Times we live in average age of Boy/Girl for normal marriage in India is 26/24.

  • Check the time of Marriage- If it is early marriage, normal marriage, delayed marriage or no marriage.
  • Then Time the Marriage from the Dashas Running.
  • Shorten the time period to 6 months from Jaimini Principle.
  • Confirm all above parameters in the D9 i.e. Navamsa Chart.
  • Check Transit and Time the Marriage.

How to check above factors?

  1. PROMISE: The influence of Benefics, 11th Lord, Lagna Lord, 7th Lord, Venus on Seventh House will ensure Marriage.
  2. Approximate Time of Marriage: After checking Seventh House, Check 1-7,2-8 axis. If more Benefics are involved then it will be early marriage (21-25), if slightly afflicted- then normal (25-28), if majorly afflicted then delayed (after 30).
  3. Dasha: See these five factors always-
    1. Seventh House
    2. Seventh Lord
    3. Venus
    4. Seventh from Venus
    5. Rahu/Ketu

Dasha of planets connected to above factors running during the time of marriage (checked from point 2) will show marriage.

Let us understand it with an example:s

Seventh House has two benefics. Seventh Lord in neutral sign in fourth house. Seventh from Venus is unafflicted.

2-8 axis is afflicted. The time of marriage can be normal, since this is a male chart 24-28 years. He began Saturn dasha in 26th year and got married. Dasha SatSat. Saturn is the seventh lord.

Lets take another example:


Year of Birth 1960.

Seventh House is afflicted. Seventh Lord in 3rd with Venus and Sun(3,6,8 Lords).

2-8 axis: unafflicted.

The marriagable age should be beyond 26 but still this person got married at the age of 26 because of strong dasha running and supportive navamansha chart. Dasha: JupVen.


Venus the antardasha lord is with 7th Lord in D1(it is also karaka). It is in 7th house of D9.

This is why D9 is important.


Jaimini Astrology

Darakaraka(DK) is the charakaraka responsible for marriage in Jaimini Astrology. It is the planet with lowest degrees.

See the connection of DK with the Chara Dasha(K.N.Rao) running and time the marriage.

The overlapping of Dasha from Vimshottari and Jaimini is the time period of marriage.

Use Double Transit of Saturn Jupiter to confirm.

RAHU is independently capable of giving marriage.


Check this dasha period in D9 as well, if it is repeating then it is a certainty that this period will show marriage.